noisimal produces ultra-basic Synth DIY projects that are nothing to be scared of.

By using readily available components you can solder and experiment without fear, knowing replacement parts are easy to get hold of. The projects are open for adaptation and experimentation, coming with schematics, descriptions and detailed build guides to get you going with Synth DIY.

Documentation for the first couple of projects is being finalised with some post-SynthFest updates and will be published here as soon as possible, please bear with me!

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to talk, share their thoughts and ideas at SynthFest 2017 at Sheffield on 6th October. It was great to meet you all and understand what noisimal could offer for people who want to develop their Synth DIY skills. For those who kindly left an email address, I will let you know when this site is fully live.
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